Quick guide for getting the best from our mobile smart phone apps

Welcome to a new and convenient way to book and pay for your taxi 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your booking will be sent directly to our booking system meaning you won't need to wait for your phone call to be answered- perfect for when we are busy! You can also track your cab on the interactive map as it makes its way to you!

1. Download from either Google Play Store or iTunes.

2. Register using your mobile number and a valid email address. Don't use the leading "0" of your number as the system uses "+44" code. Remember the password you use as you will need to log on to the app when your phone has been switched off or you sign into a different account on your phone.

3. If you wish to use a credit or debit card you will need to register it. It must be registered to the address your bills are sent to. You can then use you card to pay for your taxis. (Please note you will be charged a 14 pence surcharge for each trip you make when paying by card). For added security you will need to give our driver the last four digits of the card when you complete each journey.

4. If you wish to use your app to charge your trips to a prearranged credit account you will need to contact us between 9.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday to obtain an activation code and you will need to provide us with your own password to ensure that you alone are able to charge your trips to your account.

If you wish to open a credit account with us please call on 01305 777333 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to discuss your requirements.

Finding your pick up address

Recents, Search, Popular and Nearby are the options given when you first use the booking screen. Recents is self-explanatory and gives you places you have been picked up from in the past. Search will require you to enter the full address that you wish to be picked up from. Popular, will in time, show addresses that other Fleetline customers have been picked up from. Nearby will list businesses and attractions that you may wish to be picked up from such as a restaurant or shop.

You can also use the GPS function on your smart phone but please be aware that some of these are not as accurate as others and may result in your cab going to the wrong address although you can adjust your location manually if needed.

Pick up time and date. This can be adjusted by scrolling the date and time to the desired pick up time in a 24 hour time format. You can also book for days in advance or ASAP as required.

Payment You have three choices providing you have registered your credit or debit card or have an approved credit account. You can of course pay your driver in cash.

The app will give you an estimated fare quote, but please be aware that this may change unless you have a prearranged set price for your trip. Your driver will meter your trip in the normal manner and charge you the metered fare at the end of your trip. If you are paying by card the driver will enter the fare that will then be charged to your card plus the 14 pence admin charge.

Download our brand new app for your smart phone. We have apps for both Android and Apple devices. Click on the buttons below to go to the download pages or search for "Fleetline" at the Google Play Store or iTunes to download directly to your mobile